Last week at MJDS, report cards were distributed and parent teacher interviews were conducted.  These are two things that happen at schools everywhere, but they are truly special and unique at our school.

Our older son is in his third year of Casa.  In a traditional school, he would be in junior kindergarden.  It was such a pleasure to read through his report card.  It was so detailed and personal – so different from the “cut and paste” report cards that I received all through my own schooling.  We learned that he is a good friend, enjoys adding four digit numbers (I didn’t learn this until grade 3), loves reciting birkat ha’mazon after meals, and is able to read both in English and Hebrew.    I am truly astonished that he is capable of all of these things before his fifth birthday.  I love that in his Casa class, he is challenged to work to the best of his own abilities.  He is able to learn things at his own pace, according to his own interests, and he is flourishing in this environment.
Our younger son is part of the toddler program.  His teacher presented us with a beautiful booklet with pictures and captions that provided us with glimpses into what he is experiencing at school.  Inside his peaceful and beautiful classroom, he is learning about shapes and colors, he assists with washing his own dishes after lunch, and he is becoming part of a community, both with his peers and with older children in other classes.  The skills he is learning in his class are translating to changes we are noticing at home. He has become so helpful around the house, and while not yet two years old, he is able to tidy up his toys, put his clothes in the laundry and sit at the table with us and enjoy a meal.  His teacher told us that she feels honored to spend her days with the toddlers, and referred to them as not just kids, but “little human beings”.   This warmed my heart.
We feel so lucky that our children are part of the MJDS family.