“And, by the way, Moses, I have heard you people tell your story over 3,000 times now. And I don’t believe it. It didn’t happen that way.”
Thus began my 10-year-old son Jacob’s Passover play, a two-page performance he’d composed for the second Seder and then acted out, together with an eight-year-old Moses and a four-year-old “Fan of Moses.” Jacob played “Pharaoh, aka Ramses II.” All three actors donned long beards and kippot, which added a pretty hilarious touch.
When I commented after the Seder about how much I’d enjoyed his modern interpretation of the Passover story — and how I had never realized how closely Pharaoh and Moses resembled one another — Jacob patiently explained to me that this was actually meant to be a parody. Or in other words, a funny comment on a serious story. (He’d learned all about parodies in school.)
Cecil DeMille would have been impressed, I think. I certainly was!
~ Ylana has enjoyed being mom to an MJDS student for 7 years and counting.
Seder Plate
MJDS encourages students to take a central and creative role in the celebration of every holiday, including Pesach. Everything from setting tables and preparing the food to leading the services, and, as evidenced in the story above, telling the story of the Exodus. “And you shall tell your children….” Thank-you for letting us share that responsibility and honour with you. 

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