Imagine being able to see music or hear a painting. This is exactly what MJDS elementary students explored with their latest drawings. Artist and music fanatic Wassily Kandinsky claimed to have synaesthesia,

'Winter' The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Drawing by Up El student.

‘Winter’ from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Drawing by Up El student.

a condition where the senses overlap, and perceived music and art as intertwining experiences. Inspired by Kandinsky and fellow abstract expressionist and music enthusiast Piet Mondrian, Magen David and Shelhevet students attempted to replicate this experience through drawing what they “see” when they hear music. Shalhevet students took the exercise a step further by using their recent observations at the symphony as a jumping-off point.
Another interpretation of Vivaldi's Winter fro the Four seasons by an Upper el student.

Another interpretation of Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons by an Upper el student.

The results were fascinating, ranging from fluid and dreamy depictions of sound to the use of geometric shapes and repetition to represent rhythm. In each case the images provided insight into how the individual students experiences music.


~Dorona Zieler

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