The older elementary students took the initiative to recreate the story of Purim. In Kita Shalhevet, Daniel wrote and directed a wonderful version of the Megillah, holding exhaustive auditions to ensure that he had the right actor for each part.

The director and actors of the play

The students held numerous unsupervised rehearsals and were faced with real director and actors’ challenges. There was a deadline and there would be an audience. Strong and clever leadership was at play and collaboration was a must.

The result was mesmerizing and all the other children in the school thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

Leadership, Creativity and Purim


In Kita Magen David, a group of students worked with Alla to present their interpretation of the story Kovaim Limchira (Caps for Sale) in Hebrew to their own and the Casa classes. The audience found it funny and entertaining and you could hear many giggles!

Overall, the elementary children showed their ability to plan, organize, be creative and work as a team to bring together fantastic plays and original Purim costumes. Have a look at the group costumes such as the Beatles, the Minnie Mouses and the Pocahontas.

All these skills help to develop the Executive function and 21st century skills


Click on the link hereunder and watch the children in action



Leadership, Creativity and Purim           Leadership, Creativity and PurimLeadership, Creativity and Purim