The Rain Stick and BIG WorkHow does MJDS support the development of 21st century skills such as team work,

planning,organization, communication and creativity? How do our students develop crucial

Executive Functions such as flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring and task


Here is one example of how MJDS students at the Casa level are developing these essential

life skills through BIG work that young children crave.

To celebrate our year of music the Casa children have been creating various hand-made instruments, and this week two 3rd year

students took on the task of creating a giant rain stick. They collaborated over this project for three days as they completed each

stage of development, including reading an instruction  list that can be found here.

Steps to make a Rain Stick with illustrations

You need to find a paper roll (it’s better to haSteps to make a Rain Stickve a thick one).
You need some nails with a big head and a hammer.
You need to hammer the nails all around the roll.
To secure the nails, place pieces of tape over the nail heads.
Draw a circle in the size of the edge on cardboard. Cut and secure to the end of the roll with tape.
Pour ½ cup of rice or any other grain inside.
Secure the other edge.
Now you need to get ready for papier mache.
Cover the table with plastic bag.
Take a bowl and mix even amounts of white glue and water together.
Tear newspaper into long strips.
Now glue the strips onto the roll. Make sure to cover the roll completely.
Cover the roll with white paper so it will be easier to paint.
Let it dry.
Prepare yourself for painting.
Have fun!

Steps to make a Rain StickSteps to make a Rain Stick

Steps to make a Rain Stick

Steps to make a Rain Stick

                   Steps to make a Rain Stick