MJDS continues to make its athletic presence known at track & field!First, The Montessori Monsters marked it’s inaugural season as an MJDS-ONLY roster with a 2-0 start and sent a message throughout the JDSSL (Jewish Day Schools Sports League) that we don’t need to have the most students to field the best softball team across the league. JDSSL member schools are now fully aware of MJDS and can expect an even greater presence next year when we compete in the soccer, floor hockey, basketball and flag football leagues.

MJDS continues to make its athletic presence known at track & field!Next, MJDS had it’s strongest showing at the annual ISAA (Independent Schools’ Athletic Association) Senior Track and Field Meet. Montessori schools from Bowmanville to Unionville, The Beaches to Etobicoke and beyond took full notice of the newest member of the ISAA. In our 3rd year competing in the ISAA, we demonstrated improvement each year, but 2016, one year removed from The Year of Sports & Health, and with that message deeply instilled in every MJDS athlete ever since, we truly made a statement. Having worked and coached other member schools in the ISAA since 2006, and knowing many other coaches across the association, I was filled with overwhelming pride when every single coach approached me directly to praise the work ethic, determination and overall performances of ALL OUR Shalhevet and Rimon MJDS athletes.

MJDS continues to make its athletic presence known at track & field!Your children’s hard work and dedication to training for this Track and Field Meet over the past 6 weeks culminated in a collective pride among all students and staff. Not only did the actual performances impress and the results set new standards for MJDS achievements, but the peer support, energy and enthusiasm for one another exemplified exactly the school spirit and healthy competitive perspective all athletes should strive for.

From October Cross-Country in both the ISAA and JDSSL, to this ISAA Track and Field Meet to next week’s spring JDSSL Cross-Country Meet, I cannot wait for 2016-2017 and the even greater athletic presence we will guaranteed make across even more sports competitions and tournaments!

Please find below, an incredibly relevant and validating article on the importance of sports in our children’s lives. There are countless direct and residual benefits that children reap as a result of sports involvement and the article below very effectively reinforces what I am sure we all already know. Enjoy!

9 Reasons Why Sports Are Valuable for Our Children to Play
Jason Rybak,
Elementary Athletics Director

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