Self-directed and creative Jewish learning“As part of the Jewish history learning curriculum, I made a Jewish history Power Point presentation, from creation of the world (Bereshit) to the end of the ​E​xodus. This took a good two months or so, and it was all worth it. Plus with my Hebrew education I was able to do it with no help! And I am currently working on the second part of my presentation!’

Daniel asked to create a presentation about Jewish History using the Power Point. I did not know what to expect and watched quietly as he developed his presentation step by step over the weeks. When Daniel was ready to share some of his work with me I was deeply impressed with his creativity, sense of humor, computer skills, and how he managed to not only showcase the important milestones of Jewish history but also touched on all the important details that weave the story together.

Self-directed and creative Jewish learningDaniel wrote the storyline on his own based on what he has gained from his Jewish education at MJDS.
He asked for help from his friends in the classroom with regards to choosing the right pictures for his slides. He proudly presented his slideshow to the Lower Elementary class as well as to his own classmates and teachers.

Over and above the impressive outcome, the process shows the initiative, self-direction, creativity and Judaic knowledge that are so highly valued at MJDS.

Shiri Yehoshua Shalhevet Hebrew & Judaic Studies Teacher.