• Yom HaatzmautMJDS Celebrates Israel at 68!
    On Thursday, May 12, MJDS was filled with the sights, smells, and sounds of Yom Ha’atzmaut. with blue and white decorations and Israeli music filling the school.
    The Casa children were full of smiles and laughter as they showed off their blue and white outfits in the morning. All were thrilled to celebrate Israel’s birthday, although some wondered how we could have a birthday party without Israel there. When explained that it would be “difficult to bring a whole country and millions of people to the school, one Casa child responded that “maybe they could fit on the roof”.
    As always, the children jumped at the opportunity to take part in both preparation and celebration, and the school was soon filled with the smells of Israel:
    MJDS Celebrates Israel at 68!In every class, the children prepared Israeli salad and falafel for a special group snack. Kita Rimon, our Middle School students showed initiative and social responsibility by preparing and organizing the day’s activities in collaboration with the Shinshinim.
    Even the weather seemed to be celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut! It was a gorgeous day for outdoor activities and our event planners took full advantage, setting up stations representing locations in Israel such as the Negev, Yerushalayim, Kineret, and the Dead Sea. Kita Rimon and the Shinshinim acted as guides for this interactive “tour” of Israel, explaining the activities, their connection to the Israeli locations, and facts about each region. Elemenatry students went from station to station, among them:
    MJDS Celebrates Israel at 68!
  • completing a three legged race that symbolized Yerusalyaim’s reputation as “Ha’eer she chubra la yachdav”(the city that comes together),
  • running an egg carrying race, the Israeli game “Dag Maluach”,
  • transferring water between points using cups with holes to “raise the Kineret”,
  • and setting up a tent in the Negev desert.

The Middle School students also made the day even more special for the Casa through cookie decorating, flag making, and other patriotic crafts.
Everyone at MJDS had a blast all while learning more about Israel!