Yom Hazikaron

This week we marked Yom Hazikaron on Wednesday, and celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day the following day. The declaration of Israel was held on May 14, 1948 thus marking the 68th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state this year.

Being an Israeli, one of the hardest things to deal with this time of year is the immediate shift between sadness and celebration. The day before celebrating our independence, we are reminded of the price and sacrifice made by so many in order to keep us free. I have lost my cousin who was killed by terrorist and a friend who died while serving the country in the Israeli army. Their lives are forever lost, and those who knew and loved them are left with a hole that can never be filled.
Yom HazikaronOver the past few years I have celebrated in Canada, but when the day comes, I am always sorry that I am not physically in Israel as my heart always remains there. Despite this internal conflict Yom Ha’atzmaut is one of my favourite holidays as it is the only occasion where we celebrate a project that is still ongoing. It is the time when we announce our love, celebrate Israel’s achievements, and endeavour to be a part of its future growth.

As these two days are inextricably linked, it was important for us to acknowledge this connection with both sensitivity and awareness. I am proud to share the different activities that took place at MJDS during this time to teach our students as well as celebrate with them.
Yom HazikaronOn Yom Hazikaron our Shinshinim Noa and Itay, together with the Middle school students and two of Magen David students, prepared a ceremony based on the project “we will soon become a song”. עוד מעט ונהפוך לשיר
Yom HazikaronThey specifically spoke about Sgt. Reuven Politi, First Lt. Erez Shtark and Pvt. Binyamin (Benny) Frank, all three fallen soldiers z”l. who wrote the lyrics of songs put to music thanks to this project. A grand-mother of one of the students, visiting from Israel, commented it was “one of the most emotional and moving Yom Hazikaron ceremony she had ever seen in her life”.

by Sarit Yurovitch