Creative Tikkun Olam at Kavanah GardenKita Magen David had an awe-some morning at Shoresh’s Kavanah Garden this past week!

We learned about the mitzvah “L’avdah ul’ shomrah” (to ​work and ​guard) ​a Pasuk from Sefer Bresheit (the Book of Genesis) and got to do just that! Students made wild flower seed balls that they threw into the adjoining field to support local pollinators, such as the honeybee, whose populations are on the decline.



Creative Tikkun Olam at Kavanah GardenAs well, we hiked down to the nearby stream, a tributary of the Don River, to fill watering cans to water vegetables that will ultimately help produce over 400 pounds of fresh produce to donate to those in need in Toronto over the course of the growing season.


Finally, students built their own miniature habitats in the forest for local animals to help provide shelter, food and water to our non-human neighbours.

In the end, we had fun outdoors, learned a lot about the natural world and helped with the endless, but gratifying task of tikkun olam, fixing the world!

Thank you, Shoresh, for such a great field/forest/garden trip!

Matthew Cooper