Monster Softball Team 2016What a year! The Monster softball team in its first full year achieved way beyond expectations! We won two of our first three games and qualified for the upper level league tournament. At the tournament on June 7th we had a very dramatic 10-10 tie with Leo Baeck South, the school that eventually went on to win the trophy! We should be so proud of our team!

I want to thank Jason Rybak and Jacob Saraga for their help as well as all the outstanding parents, grandparents and others who sponsored our uniforms, helped coach, brought huge amounts of pizza, drinks, and snacks and proved to be the most enthusiastic and supportive fans in the league! It is great to see Monster-mania sweeping through the school community!

Monster Softball Team 2016I want to express how much of a pleasure it was to coach these great 12 kids who did us so proud this spring. Each one contributed so much to our team. They put a smile on my face every Tuesday, and other days in between. It is really the best job in the world.

Clearly, baseball fever has hit the school! Have you seen the numbers of kids playing with bats, balls and bases in the parking lot on an average day after school? This is just what we need. Discussions about next year are already underway. Besides the return of the junior softball team (grades 3-5) there is interest among the older kids to form a senior softball team (grades 6-7). This combined with other possible school sports teams gives us a lot to look forward to for next year.

Stay tuned for the release of premiere edition Monster baseball cards (both individual and team cards) which are being designed by my daughter, J. She has decided that proceeds from these baseball cards will be donated to those who have suffered from the Fort McMurray fire.

Randy Schnoor coach of the Monsters and MJDS parent