… MJDS perennial contender now!

Though it comes as no surprise to me, having been privileged all year, and specifically all spring, to observe the collective work ethic and focused training of all our Shalhevet and Rimon students, seeing the the ISAA Sr. Track and Field Meet results appear in my inbox first thing this morning genuinely overwhelmed me with an unprecedented pride for MJDS!

Senior Track and Field results are in!!!Competing in an athletic association where all other member schools have been competing for minimum 10 years and up to 20 years, recapping our short history and quick ascent in overall ISAA standings is incredibly validating. 2014 saw MJDS put forth a great effort and finished in 10th out of 10 schools. In 2015, we finished 7th out of 8 total schools at the meet. This year, 2016 ISAA Sr. Track and Field Meet, MJDS finished in 2ND PLACE OVERALL out of 8 total schools, and only 0.9 points out 1st overall and taking home the ISAA Track and Field Meet Trophy!

Calculations for overall school standings is total points earned by all top 6 finishes in every event divided by total number of athletes brought to compete. Please see below for the top 4 schools and their respective scores and breakdowns:



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.17.05 PM

The other 4 schools that competed, total athletes in brackets, are in random order below and with out final breakdowns:

Mildenhall Montessori (23), Trillium Montessori (65), Kew Park Montessori (12), Taddlecreek Montessori (18)

Scoring Breakdowns for individual events per athlete :

1st = 10 points
2nd = 8 points
3rd = 6 points
4th = 4 points
5th = 2 points
6th = 1 point


Going over the results, the individual top 6 performances for all students in all events, and finishing with the overall standings, Senior Track and Field results are in!!!the reaction, enthusiasm and support for each other was a guaranteed highlight of my time at MJDS and throughout my entire career! As much as any verbal feedback, coaching advice, motivational reinforcements and reassuring students they will perform well during our training weeks can factor in, but it was this morning that truly sealed the overall learning experience.

All our incredible athletes saw their efforts and dedication to training culminate in a most impressive end result. This iconic moment will not be forgotten and will now serve to even further intrinsically motivate each and every MJDS student next year when they can reflect and lean on this invaluable first-hand experience. They all learned about the importance of the process, the means to the end, and most importantly, to have legitimate faith and confidence in their own physical abilities.

We made our presence known in the most positive and impressive of ways. The athletic achievements speak for themselves now but the spirit, support, energy and camaraderie that was showcased that day truly made an impression on those in attendance at Varsity Stadium. Thank you to all our children for continuing to make us proud…you are ALL MVPs!

With Overwhelming Pride,
Jason Rybak
Elementary Athletics Director

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