The MonHow Children Benefit from Real Responsibilities at Schooltessori Casa de Bambini (Children’s House) features an area of study called Practical Life. This is one of the children’s favourite areas in our classrooms and is essential in developing order, concentration, coordination and independence. These foundational skills lend themselves to success in the other Casa curriculum areas, and are a strong foundation for future academic success.

It is in this PHow Children Benefit from Real Responsibilities at Schoolractical Life area that young children learn essential life skills such as caring for themselves (washing hands, getting dressed, folding clothes, pouring juice, and so much more), caring for their environment (cleaning after a spill, polishing, setting a table, washing dishes, etc.), refine motor control, exercise planning, sequence, and memory and most importantly learn grace and courtesy (how to treat others with kindness and respect).

How Children Benefit from Real Responsibilities at SchoolThese are only a few examples of the vast Practical Life curriculum that MJDS students experience over the three year cycle in Casa and are critical to their later development in school and life. The children also experience a deep sense of satisfaction, confidence and capability upon completion of an activity.

Sarah Doughty
Montessori Casa Guide
Kita Gefen