MJDS Education for Life Middle School: Canoe Trip

MJDS is very proud of our wonderful, developmentally healthy and sound education for our adolescents. One key tool is the powerful Erkinder programme in which the students are away from home and immersed in nature.

Our adolescent community, Kita Rimon, started the school year with an Erdkinder outing to Algonquin Park.

We spent the first week of school out in nature. We worked hard setting up and taking down our tents as we moved from one site to the next. We cooked, cleaned, portaged, paddled hard and worked on our J-stroke paddling movement, drew, wrote letters,  bonded, and had fun.

It was an important week for the class as we also set our desires and expectations for the year ahead. The students wrote themselves notes outlining what areas they want to improve upon and how they plan to achieve their goals.

MJDS Education for Life Middle School: Canoe TripOne important activity was for the students to “spy” on each other… in order to take notice of the many acts of kindness that naturally take place. At the end of the trip, every student wrote a letter to the person they “spied” on acknowledging all the wonderful things they ‘caught’ them doing.

Although the weather didn’t totally cooperate and we had a few challenges along the way, we had a wonderful and meaningful first week together.

MJDS Education for Life Middle School: Canoe Trip

It is through powerful experiences such as these that our adolescents grow personally, physically, socially, ethically and spiritually. Their social and academic skills are also strengthened as they exercise planning, critical thinking and problem solving skills and so much more, all while having fun! The students all took turns as the official group photographer and it is my pleasure to share some of the pictures with you.https://goo.gl/photos/SfkjQRhHTfKGcwnH9


Simon Cook-Roffey, Middle School Guide

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