Please find what one of our Middle School student presented at a CHAT leadership conference.

Cooking Program in the Middle School programIn our middle school, we never bring lunches from home. Instead, we prepare them all at school.

Each child brings 16 dollars for the week.

The system works as following:

Each week, 2 different students are in charge of the cooking program.

They plan the daily menus, look up recipes and make a shopping list without losing sight of the

budget. They also need to take into account the preferences of every student and the

requirement of a healthy diet.

On Mondays, the two students collect the money and go to the supermarket.

Cooking Program in the Middle School programThe rest of the week, these 2 students prepare and cook meals and set the

table. And yes, we have a full kitchen just for us in our Middle School!

This  program gives us real, tangible responsibilities. If we don’t prepare delicious, nutritious meals and have them ready for lunchtime, our classmates will not be happy!

This program teaches us to plan ahead and budget.

It develops problem-solving by forcing you to accommodate everybody in the class, even

picky- eaters.

We practice team-work by dividing tasks, and deal with the pressure of preparing lunch in 45 minutes.Finally, we develop independence in the kitchen by becoming capable of cooking any meal on our own.
dscf7990Cooking Program in the Middle School programCooking Program in the Middle School programCooking Program in the Middle School program