Please find what one of our Middle School student presented at a CHAT leadership conference

Micro-business in the Middle School programOne of the unique things about our Middle School program is our microbusiness. Our microbusiness is a way for our class to raise money for our end of year trip and for charity at the same time.

The first thing we do is we brainstorm business ideas as a class. Then we narrow it down to our favorite ideas and decide what we want to work on for the year.

Last year we decided to run a bake sale that we organized every two weeks. We would set up in the front of the school and sell our cookies, brownies, muffins and cupcakes. This involved a lot of preparation and hard work. We would have to plan our shopping, budget for our ingredients, put up posters, email parents, handle money, and keep track of our finances.

Micro-business in the Middle School programWe always give 10% of our profits to charity and we have given to a number of different causes. The rest of our profits we use to help pay for our end of year trip. Last year we went to Quebec City and we used our microbusiness money to pay for many different parts of that experience.

We haven’t decided what to do this year but we will be talking about that as a class in the next few weeks.

We run our microbusiness to raise money but it also allows us to learn many different skills.

We learn how to keep a budget and track the money that comes in and goes out from our

business. Last year we learned how to bake, and specifically how to keep our cookies chewy.

We learn to problem solve and how to work as a team.

We also learn how to work on marketing and advertising from our posters and emails.

Micro-business in the Middle School programLast year we really enjoyed our microbusiness and we all feel like we get a lot out of

it. We are looking forward to picking our business this year and working hard to

make sure that it works as well as possible.