Please find what one of our Middle School student presented at a CHAT leadership conference.

Planning trips in the Middle school programOne of the most exciting things that we do in our Middle school is the students fully plan our end of year trip. Once the destination has been decided by the teachers the students are asked to organize many of the details.
Last year, for example, we went to Quebec City. We went there because it was such an important part of the early Canadian history that we studied. As a class we had to do research on transportation, accommodation, restaurants, and even the activities that we would do.
Planning trips in the Middle school programWe did a lot of the research on the internet, but we also had to call and email different hotels, museums, restaurants and sightseeing venues.
After we finished our research we pitched our different ideas to the rest of the class and together we picked the ones that sounded the most interesting. We went to different museums and had different educational experiences, including a walking tour that everyone loved, and each thing we did was organized by one of us.
Planning trips in the Middle school programWe planned our meals, decided how we would get to and from Quebec, and how to get around once we were there. It makes the trip a lot more fun because we all know a little about each activity before we arrive and one of us knows a lot.
Having ownership of the trip makes the whole experience more valuable and interesting. We also learn a lot about planning, communicating with hotels and tour guides, managing the costs, and everything else that goes into organizing a couple days in a different place.