Regina Lulka, AMI, B.A.H, M. Ed
Head of School
What I love most about my work at the MJDS is the relationships I make, with the children first and foremost, and also with the parents, the faculty and the staff at MJDS. It truly feels like an extended family. My journey in education began several decades ago when my own daughters entered the Casa program at a Montessori school in Mexico.  I was a young parent then; today it brings me immense pleasure that my own grandchildren are a part of the MJDS community.  Today I feel very privileged to shake hands with each student, and I am still, after 10 years as Head of School, thrilled to be on the receiving end of so many hugs every day.

It is with much satisfaction and pride that I look back at my studies and career and see: that my research is being used; that the teachers I trained and mentored are finding fulfillment in their work; and that my former students have grown up to be wonderful people who are contributing members of their communities.






Sarit Yurovitch
Vice-Principal, Judaic Studies
I am Sarit and I have the special privilege of being both a parent and returning faculty member at MJDS. After all this time I continue to be drawn to this unique school that allows our students to discover themselves in an environment that encourages free thought and self-directed development. The emphasis on these values has given my own children the skills to learn from real life situations and create special and empathetic social relationships.

As the Vice-Principal, Judaic Studies, I value the discussions I have with our students about their explorations and recent discoveries. It is easy to see the results of their individualized learning in their enthusiasm and eagerness to share their ideas and opinions. I believe in the two major teaching philosophies of love and respect, which are central to both Jewish and Montessori values. I believe that these guide us in building successful communities and educational systems.