Disability comes in many forms, and MJDS is ready to work with parents on finding the best supports for their child. Ensuring all individuals have access to the school and its educational services, is an integral part of MJDS’s commitment to the Jewish community.

As such, the school upholds the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, SO 2005, c 11 and Ontario Regulations 429/07 and 191/11, ensuring that people with disabilities are provided the same opportunity, wherever possible, to obtain, use and benefit from the services MJDS has to offer.

Below you will find the 2018-25 accessibility plan, outlining the actions MJDS will put forward to improve on opportunities and conditions for people with disabilties in accordance with the AODA. These actions will help MJDS break down barriers, while increasing the accessibility withing and around the school.

Accessibility Plan
MJDS will develop a working Accessibility Plan to be reviewed by members of the board once a year. The plan will be made available online, and upon request, in an accessible format.

MJDS believes in treating people in a way that fosters dignity and independence. While the school is not fully accessible in its current year, MJDS is working to break down as many barriers as possible. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve your child’s experience. All requests will be reviewed on an individual basis, so to ensure the students specific needs are considered. MJDS is committed to providing all supports covered by current resources.

All materials will be made available online, and upon request, in an accessible format. Upon request, MJDS will provide students with accessible formatting that best suits their individual needs. Should parents or students require additional supports for accessing MJDS materials, please contact Chana Weinstein.

MJDS will provide training to employees, volunteers and others involved in the school on Ontario’s Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations and the Human Rights Code as it pertains to people with disabilities.

Please contact Chana Weinstein at cweinstein@mjds.ca for any further information on our Accessibility Policy.