Apply to MJDS

We strongly encourage parents to enroll their children at 2.5 or 3 years of age, so that they can gain the full benefit of the Montessori program. Older children will be accepted to the school on the basis of availability, interview and trial period in the classroom.

MJDS is ideal for students from age 2.5 through Grade 8 seeking individual attention with a low student to faculty ratio. MJDS’s rigorous academic program encourages students to develop their own individual interests and talents through hands-on experiential learning. Students search beyond the obvious for answers, explore topics and issues from many perspectives, and share their own ideas with peers and teachers in a diverse and engaging community.

The Montessori Jewish Day School offers a Montessori curriculum with a multi-sensory approach to learning, enabling students to reach beyond their grasp, put theory into practice, and ask pertinent questions. The Middle School provides a challenging and supportive environment, preparing students to become successful high school and University graduates, active citizens, and leaders in the global community.

The first step is to call us to book a personal tour. This will give you a deeper understanding of our unique school, and an opportunity to ask all your questions.

Applications together with deposits should be completed by the second Friday in February. Later applications will be accepted according to availability.