About Andy
In my life, everything comes back to Montessori. Always. But not always out loud – people start to get annoyed after a while. As a single mom in a state of what I call “extreme healing”, I am very proud of my independent and resourceful child, and also very happy that I spent his early years fostering said traits. I was a Montessori child until grade 6, and returned to Montessori after an adulthood of success in various office-type jobs. I am a certified Casa teacher, and am partway through Secondary certification. I hold a Masters in Montessori Integrative Learning, and have worn more hats at MJDS than anyone in the history of the school. MJDS is home for my son and me – it is family (literally and figuratively), and has been since 2005. The key to effective parenting, in my mind, is to be the person you want your children to grow up to be, because no matter what you do, or what they do, who you are is what makes the biggest impact.

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