Montessori Jewish Day School is an inclusive, pluralistic, egalitarian school dedicated to instilling respect for the individual and for the community.  MJDS provides an engaging Jewish educational experience that embraces the diversity of Jewish practice, integrates Hebrew, and responds to a child’s natural search for spiritual and intellectual growth.  MJDS educates its students toward becoming knowledgeable and committed Jews and responsible citizens who love Judaism, Jewish culture and Israel.


For students to engage in Jewish learning in a positive educational environment that fosters spiritual and intellectual growth, pride in Jewish identity, and love of learning;

To prepare students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to continue their Jewish education at any educational institute;

At age and stage appropriate levels, students will learn: •    to communicate competently in oral and written Hebrew •    the skills to comprehend and appreciate modern Hebrew literature •    the skills necessary to approach Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew texts •    to apply critical and analytical thinking skills in order to raise questions about their learning and about texts •    to take part in or lead Jewish life experiences and events •    to ask questions that will prepare them to make individual choices about Jewish living •    to communicate and learn together respectfully, and to respect diversity

To create a culture of joy and respect surrounding the holidays and Shabbat, learning about and celebrating each holiday.

To allow each child to make a spiritual connection through Tfillah, and to the greater community through their ability to participate in daily and special services.

To provide ongoing and significant professional development for staff;

To provide opportunities for adult and Jewish family education.

We give our children a clear sense that  they can integrate Judaism into their lives, no matter what life path they may choose. Our Judaic Studies curriculum encompasses four major fields: Bible Studies (Chumash) Jewish Culture, Jewish Identity and Hebrew language. Above all we take pride in the education of our children. – Josephus