Integration Montessori and Judaic Studies

In our unique integrated program, a certified Montessori teacher and a qualified Judaic Studies teacher work together in each classroom, all day every day.  The Montessori teachers at MJDS have all undergone extensive training in the methods of Montessori education.  The Judaic Studies teachers are all fluent Hebrew speakers, who have experience teaching in Israel, and who speak to the children in Hebrew at all times throughout the day. This gives the children the experience of hearing and using Hebrew conversationally and in a practical way on a daily basis, and gives them a more intimate understanding of the language.

The Judaic Studies and Montessori teachers work together to create new materials based on Montessori and Jewish principles. They also work towards full integration and use of the Montessori materials in Hebrew.

All our teachers pursue further professional development in the form of workshops, courses and visits to other schools.