Montessori in North York

Also Serving the Toronto Area

MJDS caters to children’s natural curiosity by combining learning experiences with play. This helps children better understand and relate to the lessons they learn and be able to recall them once they’re older.

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2007 marked the centenary for the Montessori movement. Montessori teachers have been helping children reach their potential for the last 100 years, on 6 different continents. Current research validates Montessori teaching methods. Montessori is an established, recognized and proven pedagogical philosophy.

MJDS relies on Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of teaching children. Dr. Montessori’s philosophy focuses on the individual child, helping nurture their natural abilities while allowing them to develop necessary world skills such as social skills, critical thinking, emotional growth, and more.

The Montessori approach views children as capable of self-learning provided they have the right environment. As such, our classrooms and learning materials are designed to foster children’s inherent desire to learn about the world around them by ‘playing’.

At MJDS, we integrate Dr. Montessori’s philosophy with the core values of Judaism. Our mission is to help your children grow into responsible, Jewish citizens with a love for Judaism and Jewish culture. Read more about our Jewish education here.

MJDS in Toronto, North York delivers:

  1. A beautifully and carefully prepared child-centered environment that supports the development of the whole child
  2. Individualized education in multi-age settings
  3. Learning materials that are designed to maximize growth and understanding
  4. All curriculum areas are integrated, feeding each other and working together to create a truly holistic education
  5. Inner discipline is cultivated through respect, freedom and responsibility
  6. Support for each child as they actively pursue their particular interests at their own pace