Montessori graduates:

•    Show academic prowess
•    Are socially adept
•    Are emotionally prepared
•    Are problem solvers
•    Are excellent communicators
•    Are innovative
•    Have the ability to concentrate for long periods of time
•    Are able to mutlitask easily
•    Have strong time management skills
•    Have strong decision making skills
•    Score well on standardized tests
•    Are active listeners
•    Take responsibility
•    Take direction well
•    Are curious and inquisitive
•    Show enthusiasm for learning
•    Are very adaptable
•    Have the ability to follow deadlines
•    Work well independently as well as in groups
•    Love to learn

The habits and skills that children develop in a Montessori classroom will be theirs for their lifetime.

Some of our MJDS Alumni

Amanda Shmuel

My name’s Amanda Shmuel, and I graduated from MJDS in 2009. My first year at MJDS was in 2000 when the school first opened and I stayed until grade 6 and then went to Ledbury Park because at the time there was no middle school at MJDS. Right now I’m in grade 12 at TanenbaumCHAT, and I will be graduating in a few months. My years at CHAT have been good, right now it’s a bit more stressful because there’s a lot of work as the year is coming to an end, but I’m still able to manage it. When I look back at my time at MJDS, one of the things that stands out for me is the freedom I was given. In the day I would have to have done certain things such as math, grammar, etc., but it was up to me when I wanted to do it. I was allowed to walk around the class and choose where I would like to work which really helped me feel comfortable in my learning environment. I also really liked the fact that if I was really interested in a subject, I wasn’t held back and I was able to continue learning material that wasn’t necessarily on the curriculum. I’ve always had an interest in science, and it showed when I would always gravitate towards the science experiments and I always enjoyed the science lessons. At MJDS I was able to foster my love for science by going beyond the curriculum, such as learning about the periodic table, and doing dissections that are normally reserved for high school students. The independence and freedom that I got at MJDS is something that will always be with me. That independence and ability to work and figure things out on your own has really helped me through my years at Ledbury Park and CHAT and will continue to help me in university. The encouragement I got at MJDS to continue exploring science and allowing that curiosity to flourish has really impacted my life since I want to able to work in the field of biochemistry. The structure of MJDS is also unlike any other school that I know of. From the use of materials to teach concepts, to children given to the freedom to roam the class and the laidback atmosphere at the school all helped give me a solid foundation for my education. I would like to tell new parents and children considering MJDS that MJDS is a really unique place that offers a great experience. It may be quite different from other schools but it is different for the best reasons, and I’m really glad I was able to spend the first 9 years of my education there. 

 Tamir Arnesty

My name is Tamir Arnesty and I graduated in the class of 2013. I am currently attending William Lyon Mackenzie CI and am in eleventh grade. My studies are successful beyond what I imagined they would be. 

MJDS has provided me with the many skills such as time management and independent learning.As a National Level Swimmer, I have realized the true value of time and am always needing to manage it. From previous experience in MJDS I have managed to further those skills and apply them in high school for research projects and major assignments, while also making time to attend training. 


MJDS is a wonderful school that will enhance your children’s comprehension abilities and skills which will provide an advantage in the later years of life. Children who attend MJDS and graduated from the Middle School have a far easier time in High School when it comes to managing their work load and priorities. 

Sidney Hacker

My name is Sidney Hacker and I graduated in June 2014. I am now in grade 10 at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute.

I enjoy all of my classes, especially my language courses: English, French and Latin. Having a set schedule in place was a bit challenging during the first couple of weeks, but I quickly got used to the “high school” routine.

Outside of school, I have continued my Judaic studies by forming a small study group of former MJDS students.

The main thing that stands out for me at MJDS is all of the memorable trips and outings I was privileged to go on, from apple picking in Casa, to visiting a winery in Niagara On The Lake in Middle School. I learned how to navigate the TTC routes, to plan with great detail, and how to choose good wine!

My grade is going on a field trip in a few weeks. This is the first trip this year. I don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing. It is so un-Montessori, it’s killing me!

I miss the opportunities I had to be able to plan trips that actually interest my class, not what teachers think will be relevant or interesting.

MJDS taught me how to manage my time, learn independently and in groups, self discipline, and, how to problem solve and make choices. I have always enjoyed learning, which makes my high school experience enjoyable.

MJDS has offered me many opportunities to hone my public speaking skills and learn to not be obsessed about marks but to enjoy learning the subject.

The message that I would you like to give new parents and children who are considering MJDS is:

If you want a school that encourages:

– learning from the natural world,

– children to be a mentor and mentor other children,

– children to choose what to work on, when,

– independence,

– working for joy, not for marks,

– self- motivation (not teachers instructing you what to do)

– children to be unique and are valued for who they are,

– caring, kind and peaceful community,

– children to be able to self-correct and self-assess; and

– allows children to work at their own pace

If you answered yes to any or all of the above statements, MJDS is the perfect school for you and your child(ren)

For 10 years, MJDS was the ideal place for me and my family.