Events & Workshops

2011-2012 PA Events and Workshops:

 September 11, 2011Welcome Back Picnic
 November 9, 2011Children’s Career Fair
December 21, 2011Family Chanukah Party
February 23, 2012Movie and Game Night
March 8, 2012Purim Magic Show
April 26, 2012Yom Ha’atmaut Event
May 9, 2012Book Fair
June 22, 2012End of Year Picnic

2010-2011 PA Events

 September 19, 2010 PA Opening CeremonyTo Come
 October 28, 2010Book Fair To Come
 November 17, 2010 Career Fair To Come
December 8, 2010Chanukah Party To Come
 February 12, 2011Family Dance To Come
 March 18, 2011Bake-Off To Come
May 9, 2011 Yom Ha’atzmaut  To Come
 June 22, 2011Annual Family Picnic  To Come


 2010-2011 PA Workshops

October 12, 2010NutritionRomyFrench Room
January 8, 2011Alexander TechniqueBoazFrench Room
February 12, 2011Breakfast in AntarcticaSharonLibrary
February 24, 2011Meditation and MindfulnessRonitUpper Elementary
March 17, 2011Accidental StorytellingSharonFrench Room
April 12, 20118 Rules of Having More Fun at Work
and in Life!
DanealFrench Room
May 17, 2011Neuro-muscular DentistryDanSheppard & Wilson
June 2011PhotographyHeleneFrench Room

For more information about PA Events and Workshops, please contact Sharon