• Our family experience with MJDS is absolutely amazing – we are thrilled we have chosen this school for our kids. The kids started the year without knowing English at all and their adjustment was quick, easy and full of joy. It is not that surprising once you get to know the team of the school and the amazing guides that take care of children with so much love and thoughtfulness. The Montessori Jewish Day School provides my children with the perfect conditions to grow and become amazing human beings – smart, loving and kind. We are so thankful that our kids are in a school where we are 100% sure they are safe, heard and seen.
    Noga Yaffe
    MJDS Parent
  • The evening of the Journey of Discovery was a great opportunity for MJDS parents to come, experience and really understand what an amazing experience the kids are having day to day at school. We not only had the opportunity to play with the materials that your kids are using – we really get the sense, atmosphere and rhythm of the school. It was fun and inspiring – especially hearing about the middle school curriculum and understanding where this journey can take our kids. The only problem is that after spending an hour in the kids’ classes, I feel jealous of them!
    Noga Yaffe
    MJDS Parent
  • This morning was a very pleasant experience to be an “observer” in the classroom where Sisi spends so much time. I am truly delighted by her progress which I see at home but to see other little details and how it is that she has come about to gain her skills. I was also very happy with how conflict resolution is managed. I was impressed with how all the other kids interacted as well. I LOVE that Sisi is learning Hebrew and Hebrew traditions. I love that everyone treats her affectionately and she clearly feels safe and happy. It was a very stimulating and warm environment and wanted to stay the whole day and enjoy!!!!
    Galit Kleiner MD
    FRCPC Medical Director, MJDS Parent
  • Nothing is more precious than watching these little toddlers develop relationships with their classmates, develop language skills at such a rapid pace, and change from roly-poly babies into growing preschoolers. As a teacher, it fills the heart with joy to peek into the toddler room and witness all of the amazing development that is happening!
    Sarah about Toddler Programme
    MJDS Teacher
  • I am grateful for the school and more specifically for the caring and dedication you each give to our kids.  You have instilled a love of learning in them that will last a lifetime.  As we watch them grow, your influence is clearly visible.
    Silvia Lulka Sharrett MIR, ACC
    Parent of MJDS
  • The more I learn about leadership in the workplace, the more fervently I believe in the foundation that Montessori provides our children, and for that, I am also grateful. Both my girls were beautifully prepared for celebrating Pesach this year.  Not only were they leaders at both of our family seders – and not just the 4 questions, but they were engaged, knowledgeable and participating in all of our household customs and rituals.  It was wonderful to see this traditional Jewish literacy. 
    Parent of MJDS
  • It dawned on me that this concept, appreciation through differentiation, is exactly what makes MJDS shine. It clearly is the outstanding differentiation MJDS achieves every day, every minute, every second that drives my appreciation. Just as Jews do not take the beauty of Shabbat for granted, so do I, not take the beauty of MJDS for granted. This child-centred holistic educational institution differentiates itself from any other teaching philosophy by offering an extraordinary environment cradled in a rich multi-sensory journey unlike any other.

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