• This morning was a very pleasant experience to be an “observer” in the classroom where Sisi spends so much time. I am truly delighted by her progress which I see at home but to see other little details and how it is that she has come about to gain her skills. I was also very happy with how conflict resolution is managed. I was impressed with how all the other kids interacted as well. I LOVE that Sisi is learning Hebrew and Hebrew traditions. I love that everyone treats her affectionately and she clearly feels safe and happy. It was a very stimulating and warm environment and wanted to stay the whole day and enjoy!!!!
    Galit Kleiner MD
    FRCPC Medical Director, MJDS Parent
  • Nothing is more precious than watching these little toddlers develop relationships with their classmates, develop language skills at such a rapid pace, and change from roly-poly babies into growing preschoolers. As a teacher, it fills the heart with joy to peek into the toddler room and witness all of the amazing development that is happening!
    Sarah about Toddler Programme
    MJDS Teacher
  • We were genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised to see the dramatic difference in growth, maturity and independence displayed by our younger daughter only one month after joining the Beit HaBambini Toddler program. With our eldest already in her 3rd year at MJDS, we were quite familiar with the exceptional experience offered by the school. However, we were very impressed with all components of the Toddler program, especially compared to the full-time daycare that had been so good for our children. We noticed advances in many skill sets including communication, socialization and initiating independent behaviour. Finally, the loving and nurturing environment provided by the exceptional teachers made it a place that my daughter looked forward to going to each day.
    Tamara and Jon about Toddler Programme
    MJDS Parents
  • I am grateful for the school and more specifically for the caring and dedication you each give to our kids.  You have instilled a love of learning in them that will last a lifetime.  As we watch them grow, your influence is clearly visible.

    The more I learn about leadership in the workplace, the more fervently I believe in the foundation that Montessori provides our children, and for that I am also grateful

    Silvia Lulka Sharrett MIR, ACC
    Parent of MJDS
  • Hi Regina & Sarit,I wanted to share with you how I thought that both my girls were beautifully prepared for celebrating Pesach this year.  Not only were they leaders at both of our family seders – and not just the 4 questions, but they were engaged, knowledgeable and participating in all of our household customs and rituals.  It was wonderful to see this traditional Jewish literacy, and I wanted to share the feedback with you. 

    Parent of MJDS
  • Hello Regina,

    I trust all is well with you and your family. Things are going very well here in Victoria. The boys are adjusting nicely and learning to enjoy this paradise. They did remarkable well at their new school this Winter/Spring. In what is considered the finest public middle school in the Province they produced essentially straight A’s and A+’s. Their classmates think they are brilliant because of their vast range of worldly knowledge. They definitely arrived well prepared – thank you.
    The weather is extraordinary – every day is just about perfect.

    Bye for now,

    MJDS Parent
  • Havdallah Under The Stars, this year it touched me in a deep and profound way.
    The layered meaning of the weekly Havdalllah ritual has no limits, but to emphasize this years overwhelming beauty at MJDS HAVDALLAH, it is easiest to simply define HAVDALLAH. The literal meaning of the word is to differentiate. In this case, we are differentiating between the specialness of the Shabbat we just experienced and the week we are on the cusp of entering. And it is the ability to differentiate that is truly the greatest resource we have for appreciation. It dawned on me that this concept, appreciation through differentiation, is exactly what makes MJDS shine. The deep meaning and attachment I feel for Shabbat and it’s conclusion; Havdallah, is the same deep attachment I feels for MJDS. It clearly is the outstanding differentiation MJDS achieves every day, every minute, every second that drives my appreciation.

    Just as Jews do not take the beauty of Shabbat for granted, so do I, not take the beauty of MJDS for granted. The glory of Shabbat is concluded with Havdalah…a ritual that engages all of our sense. We sing and hear the blessings, we see the glow of the flame of fire, we feel the heat upon our fingertips, we smell the spices and we taste the wine. MJDS education is infused with the same rarity and uniqueness as Havdallah. This child- centered holistic educational institution differentiates itself from any other teaching philosophy by offering an extraordinary environment cradled in a rich multi sensory journey unlike any other. The same overwhelming appreciation of Shabbat and Havdallah can be felt every single day at MJDS as it differentiates itself from all others.

    Thank you for making our school that special place.

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