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We have two kids, Ben (3 years old) and Rey (18 months). We love to go on nature walks, bake, build towers and tents and have dance parties!

The Buchman Family

Why did you choose MJDS?

We loved the approach of celebrating and respecting each kid's individuality and curiosity. We agree that kid's interests are different and THEY should take the lead in their learning and pursue what they gravitate toward. We also appreciated that each class has a teacher that is fluent in Hebrew, it is unique and truly the only way to pick up a language.

What do you love most about MJDS?

We love that Ben gets to foster his curiosity, fine motor skills and direct his concentration toward meaningful activities and learning new skills. For example, we loved to hear from the teacher that he spent 45 minutes on a particular activity that he found interesting and wanted to continue working on it. This learning environment allowed him to do that - explore what he finds interesting for as long as he likes. It is truly wonderful to see how his teachers are so supportive and take an integral part in his play and learning. Ben gets excited to show and tell us about his work for the day.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

Outstanding. We love the approach to play and learning. The staff are amazing, they are so happy to share stories and Ben’s accomplishments. They truly care that Ben reaches his potential and are there to challenge him and feed his curiosity. To have a teacher that only speaks Hebrew is amazing, the kids really get the Jewish and Israeli experience that makes the school more unique.

In what ways have you seen your child/ren grow and develop as a result of their experience at MJDS?

Ben comes home and tells us stories about what happened that day. His language developed tremendously. We catch him singing songs he learned in both Hebrew and English. He also initiates practicing different skills he learned like cutting and tracing, sounds letters make and figuring out the letters that spell a word.

Describe how a Montessori approach to education helps your child/ren learn

Ben is very curious by nature and has great concentration. The Montessori approach allows him to take a lead role in his learning. He gets to explore and practice at his own pace and has incredible teachers to foster his curiosity and continue challenging him. Exploring safely and being encouraged to do so independently is the foundation for lifelong love of learning.

What would you say to another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at MJDS?

I would remind the parents that when we were young, we didn't have a choice in what we were learning. We had to follow the rest of the class. Think how you would feel and react if you had the opportunity to continue playing with and learning about what YOU found interesting and wanted to keep exploring. And what if you had teachers that encouraged it and fostered your interest in that subject. On top of that, to have an Israeli teacher that completes the Judaic learning and connection with Israel and its culture starting from a young age. What an amazing learning environment that every child should experience!



בית ספר מונטסורי יהודי

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