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Family Stories

We love that Ben gets to foster his curiosity, fine motor skills and direct his concentration toward meaningful activities and learning new skills. For example, we loved to hear from the teacher that he spent 45 minutes on a particular activity that he found interesting and wanted to continue working on it. This learning environment allowed him to do that - explore what he finds interesting for as long as he likes. It is truly wonderful to see how his teachers are so supportive and take an integral part in his play and learning. Ben gets excited to show and tell us about his work for the day.


We have two kids, Ben (3 years old) and Rey (18 months). We love to go on nature walks, bake, build towers and tents and have dance parties!

The engagement and care from the staff, and the growth academically for my son.


We are a multi-cultural and multi-religious family. My son is in Upper Elementary and this is our first year at MJDS.

The warmth of the MJDS community! In every interaction, the MJDS teachers, staff, and school leadership model kindness, caring, and respect - they are a huge part of helping to raise our kids to be mensches (good people)! And the other MJDS families have become a huge part of our community. It is such a gift to watch our children grow and develop together.


My partner, Matthew, began teaching at MJDS in 2011, so I guess we have been an MJDS family for 11 years now! Both of our children have been at MJDS since they were in the toddler program. Our eldest is currently in Grade 3 in Lower Elementary and our youngest is in his third year of Casa.

The community and the dedication and commitment to excellence from all the staff. It is the most supportive environment for the children and their families and really fosters a love of learning.


We have two girls aged 7 and 9 who have been in Montessori schools since they were 18 months old. We enrolled them at MJDS in 2019 (Casa and first year of Lower Elementary) and we are so happy we did!

EVERYTHING! I love the homey feeling and the caring and exceptionally professional staff, as well as the authenticity of the Montessori program and the level of Hebrew and Judaism throughout.


I have 3 daughters in the school, ages 4, 7, and 11. They have all been at MJDS since they were 18 months old!

I love the warmth of the administration and teachers, and how much they care about our children.


We have 3 boys - Logan (6 - Lower Elementary), Jaxon (almost 4 - Casa) and Xavier (3 months).

The staff, who embraced us as soon as we arrived here, and made us and our girls feel welcomed.


Our family of four (Mom- Vered, Dad- Erez, Twin girls Tamar and Omer) has recently moved to Toronto from Haifa, Israel. We love to watch movies, cook and bake together, and play outside as much as we can.



בית ספר מונטסורי יהודי

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